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“Stephanie delivers pure, unadulterated unconditional love. In every exchange. Unfailingly.”

Live Consciously

Where did you come from? What is your story? Where are you now? Where are you going and where would you like to go?

The energy of Intention/manifestation not only surrounds our atmosphere, planet and every living thing on this planet, it is wired into every living thing. If you open an acorn, will you see a gigantic oak tree? With every blossom that is on an apple tree, how do you know it will become an apple? A sperm and an ovarian egg come together with the intention of creating a human. Everything has intention. our solar system, time, life, death, physical and mental growth. We don’t intend for our hair or nails to grow. We don’t decide that we will age. It is intended. Intention is hard wired into our DNA. What is NOT hardwired is how we intentionally manifest. That’s the wonderful and difficult task that we must, as humans, understand in order to grow and be emotionally, physically and Spiritually healthy. We are manifesting all the time. Unfortunately for the average person, that thought is not understood. If a person has a repeated thought in their head expecting things to go wrong in their day, they are rewarded with a shitty day. Most people believe that they react to their environment with the mentality, ‘why does this always happen to me?’ What changes occur when a person understands and realizes that it’s the opposite, that in fact, our environment reacts to US. Imagine what would happen if every one of us took control over our lives and created our perfect reality for us.

Your future is yours. What choices will YOU make for yourself?


The three pillars of achieving your highest good.

Perhaps you are feeling ‘stuck’ and don’t know how to live the life you really want. Not knowing how to take the first steps or not knowing knowing what the first steps are. On whatever level you are on, I can help you. If you only want to change a few things, it will happen. If you are ready to do deep, life altering work, I have the experience to guide you on that journey.

Energy Work

Nothing can happen in the energy work that you are not ready for.

This is the same with removing blockages, allowing for activations to occur, or opening a new doorway into your heart space.

Everyone is different and no two experiences are alike. I had a very powerful session with a woman who was ready to activate her third eye. While I worked with her she went to a beautiful place and was reluctant to come back to me. I was able to remove stagnant energy that is very similar to cobwebs and pour light into the area and seal it in order to preserve the work.

I address all chakras and ensure all are spinning beautifully.

Guided Meditation

I can take you back in time and create a scenario where you make the right choice.

Make the choice to hold the values and beliefs you need to be the person YOU want to be.

This can be done using various modalities.

We can first discuss what you would like to work through and I incorporate working through those issues in the meditation. In our meditation I offer my own energy for you to tap into and I transmute what no longer serves you through my body. It’s a very beautiful process to connect with another Soul in this way. I can connect you to loved ones to see what message they have for you. This process is only limited by our beliefs.

Anything is possible and I invite you to work with me, for your Highest Good of Light and Love.

Clear Beliefs Coaching

you will get to know yourself in a way you never have before.

I invite you to feel deep within and ask yourself if you are ready for change. If you WANT change. If you change your beliefs, you will change your experiences in a vast, amazing way.

My wish for you is for you to experience a life of freedom and happiness without the limitations you have unknowingly bestowed upon yourself. Let me help you remove the obstacles that hold you back from what you truly desire in life. Let us, together, create a life for you that in which you truly desire. In this process, I promise you, you will get to know yourself in a way you never have before and you will see just how amazingly beautiful you really are.

We will touch on many subjects in this style of coaching. We will work to transform inner parts such as your inner child, heal core wounds, move resistant and stuck emotional energy, remove limiting and debilitating core beliefs from early life, delete old programing from the subconscious mind, and so much more.


Achieve the life you want, and do it at a great price!

It is important to commit to a plan that is reasonable for your finances, to be sure, but it is also important to know that the path to clarity is only as effective as the time you put in. Too much time between sessions will cause progress to be lost. Ideally, I recommend two sessions per week.

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