It’s when we are brave enough to MOVE into our resistance, (that which makes us most uncomfortable), with love that very big growth will occur. What are we, especially us westerners, most afraid of? Our capacity for greatness. Our capacity for infinite love, love for ourselves, and love for all of humanity. When we fully open to ourselves, our Divinity, as we are one with God, we will FEEL another’s pain. Not in empathy, but feel it as our own. Only then will we not hurt another. Only then.
This is the next step. Moving away from resistance is for when one is not yet ready.
Sit on it. Your body will feel the truth of it through energy if you are open to it it’s there just like it has always been. We forgot. It is time to wake up. We are ‘waking up’, very few of us in relation to the world’s population have ‘woken up’ completely.
It will come in stages.