Live Consciously

Where did you come from? What is your story? Where are you now? Where are you going and where would you like to go?

The energy of Intention/manifestation not only surrounds our atmosphere, planet and every living thing on this planet, it is wired into every living thing. If you open an acorn, will you see a gigantic oak tree? With every blossom that is on an apple tree, how do you know it will become an apple? A sperm and an ovarian egg come together with the intention of creating a human. Everything has intention. our solar system, time, life, death, physical and mental growth. We don’t intend for our hair or nails to grow. We don’t decide that we will age. It is intended. Intention is hard wired into our DNA. What is NOT hardwired is how we intentionally manifest. That’s the wonderful and difficult task that we must, as humans, understand in order to grow and be emotionally, physically and Spiritually healthy. We are manifesting all the time. Unfortunately for the average person, that thought is not understood. If a person has a repeated thought in their head expecting things to go wrong in their day, they are rewarded with a shitty day. Most people believe that they react to their environment with the mentality, ‘why does this always happen to me?’ What changes occur when a person understands and realizes that it’s the opposite, that in fact, our environment reacts to US. Imagine what would happen if every one of us took control over our lives and created our perfect reality for us.

Imagine a newborn baby. That baby has no beliefs or ideas. Yet. They are wide open. Imagine a huge storage locker. Initially it’s empty but then boxes of beliefs start filling up the space. Moms ideas, dads ideas, the church, school, friends, family, media and on and on it goes. How is a person to have a clear mind with all the mess in their head/storage room?

When we are little, it’s not our fault that we took on these ideas and notions. As an adult however, it is our responsibility to choose what we want to believe and to throw away what does not serve us now. Maybe it did when we were little. Look at it this way; what happens in a large group if one person’s ideas and thoughts go against the norm? There are 3 choices: 1- choose to keep silent on your thoughts and stay in the group because you want to ‘belong’. You will be unhappy with this choice however, as you are not in alignment with your Truth. 2- Voice your ideas and thoughts and become an outcast. It takes courage to do this. If you aren’t ready to leave the group you must bide your time. 3- Leave the group. This person knows what they want and aren’t afraid to do the right thing for them. Or maybe they are afraid, but it’s worth the risk.

When we are little, we must abide by rules and beliefs that are instilled in us or we don’t belong. A child needs to belong so they become like mom or dad, or both. For most of us that did not have free thinking parents that honored themselves and us by allowing for us to be free thinkers, (as they themselves are still stuck in ‘group mentality thinking’, we have to do the work. A great practice is to journal thoughts and beliefs that we don’t like and don’t want anymore. Ask yourself where did the thought or belief come from? Is this true? Is this something I want to believe or discreate? Our potential is NOT limited. It is in fact limitless. We can co-create our realities. How do you choose to think? What do you choose to believe and believe in? Who are the people you believe in? If you spend time with a miserable person, one thing you become aware of very quickly is they are staunchly stuck in limiting beliefs.

Your future is yours. What choices will YOU make for yourself?

About Stephanie

Stephanie is a loving Soul who wishes to extend her healing capabilities globally, in time.  Stephanie is a practitioner in the modality of ClearBeliefs where she exercises her ability to:
~ Erase clients’ limiting beliefs at the core of the psyche ~ completely and permanently.
~ Heal childhood wounds and psychological knots, freeing clients from resistance and self-sabotage.
~ Eliminate old habits of thought, emotion, and behaviour, allowing new positive habits to emerge.
~ Easily remove blocks and barriers that interfere with clients’ forward progress.
Stephanie is also gifted at healing through Energy.  She is highly intuitive in ‘knowing’ what her clients need. She gently guides a person into their emotions, allowing for a release to occur.  She clears chakras, has the ability to open an energetic blockage to allow the light to come in, in order for healing to occur at a cellular level. Don’t be surprised if you went into an energetic session with a headache later realized your headache has disappeared.
Stephanie is skilled at remote Energy work. Once she has established a connection with your energetic body, she becomes ‘in tuned’ and senses and ‘feels’ what no longer serves you, opening a doorway to the Light. At the end of the session, she will tell you what she felt, and it will wonderfully surprise you to learn that you felt the same thing! This is only possible through intentional connection.
Stephanie has volunteered globally in her effort to help heal others and gain experience. She has a unique ability to encompass you in love, without judgement, no matter what you tell her. Trust is an absolute must in the healing process. She is a person who goes above and beyond, handing out resources and following up.
However, this wasn’t always her Purpose work. At the age of 41, working in a casino for 19 years, never letting go of the ‘big stuff’, she contracted an auto-immune virus called miositis.  Through research, she came to understand that inflammation was the perpetrator and inflammation is caused by bottled up feelings of perceived hurt, anger, pain, frustration. The Eastern World has had a clear understanding of what causes inflammation. The Western World is only beginning to understand that blocked emotion created sickness, even death over time. Stephanie understood that in order to get healthy, inside and out, she needed to do some serious inner work and that she did. Taking a substantial time off work, she devoted months to getting to know herself and learning to love herself, forgiving others and herself, Inner Child work, letting go and releasing that which no longer Served her.
The results of doing the Inner work, Stephanie opened Spiritually and was initiated into some of her gifts. She understood at that time that her Soul Purpose work is to help raise human consciousness by leading and showing others how to dive deep and do the Inner work and teach how to integrate the lessons in day to day life in order to be a free human being.  She did this by taking a plethora of certification courses, apprenticing under Deborah King as a Master Energy Healer, a student of Jeffrey Allen and Donna Eden.  She is currently undergoing education in the Ancient Hawaiian Ho’oponopono, learning under Colette Baron-Reid, Kyle Gray, Denise Linn, Radleigh Valentine and Rev. Sharon Anne Klingler for The Certified Card Reader Master Oracle & Tarot reading course.
Stephanie’s natural, spiritual path has led her into Shamanism. She will be travelling to Tennessee in May to train as a Celestial Shaman.
Stephanie is a gift. Her true, inherently loving nature, her education and experience are only beginning to encompass her magnificence as a Light Worker on this planet. If she resonates with you, if you feel pulled to her, set up an appointment for YOUR Highest Good.