I met Stephanie in line at the airport, waiting to board the plane. She was standing behind me and connected with my cat, Jinx, who I was holding.
Jinx was a nervous wreck and quite suddenly she fell into the deepest sleep and was snoring! My gf and I could not wake her up!
After the flight landed, Stephanie saw us and told us that she had connected with Jinx energetically and told us how she was so anxious so she did her thing and that was when she went from high anxiety to deepest sleep I’ve ever seen with her.
Thank you kind stranger!

Stephanie is a great trainer and master in energy spreading skills. I availed her services and that’s a wonderful experience for me. During her technique I felt that she was sitting in front of me, although we had a distance of thousands of miles apart and I felt her hand too as well. She touched me on my forehead, and said one word to me.. “calm”. That’s all energy. On the next day I had a fever and I felt that my hands and foots are sooo warm that something was coming in and out from my hands and foots as well. So that’s is a energy that was spread by Stephanie to me

Saqib Mirza, Pakistan

I had a meditation with energy work with Stephanie, and I found Stephanie’s exercise to be light, easy and relaxing. I had a very comfortable and interesting experience. I found Stephanie to be a delightful and wonderful person, and I enjoyed our time together.

Tang, Malaysia

Felt like I was floating in space, something I can’t explain.

Lloyd, Zambia

Hi! “Stephanie delivers pure, unadulterated unconditional love. In every exchange. Unfailingly.

Energy work with Stephanie leaves my entire being feeling rejuvenated.
Maureen, Phoenix,AZ

I am so very grateful and thankful for our coaching session!  I went into it without expectations and without really knowing what I wanted to cover.  Sometimes this can be the best plan J  I’ve had some “a-ha” moments for sure with THE BIGGEST one right before we hung up….Being the youngest in a house of 9 kids, you can get forgotten about.  WOWZERS!!!  That was huge and I had never uncovered it in my previous work.  I tear up just thinking about what a discovery that is!  No wonder I’m learning to love myself!  Or see the love for myself.  With this revelation, I am so excited to do the exercise that you gave me….

I ordered the Louise Hay book right away too.  I had some “add on items” in my amazon cart, so this was a perfect addition to get my items.  You have helped me to see things that I can do to help raise my vibration and keep it raised.  You’ve helped me “reframe” things into a more positive light.  You have encouraged me and shown me ways to always be my authentic self.

I value the lessons of how empowerment leads to love- love of self and love of others.  And intentions- how important they are to starting the day.  I am so happy that I truly understand them and the purpose now.

I cannot thank you enough for this amazing opportunity to be coached.  I love this program, who I am becoming and I am excited for myself and those that will feel my ripple effect.  I felt confused prior to our session, but now I can see some things so much more clearly.  This has been absolutely amazing!!!!!!!

Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!!!!!!!!  Much love to you!

Jacqueline (Jackie) Jaeger RN
Stephanie is wonderful at what she does. She has done energy work for me and it has helped me tremendously. Through clearing chakras and using crystals. She has also led some guided group meditation and each of them was an awesome experience. Diving into inner child and mother earth.
Heather, North Carolina

Stephanie was very professional putting me at ease throughout the session her calm voice and explanations as to what she was doing through the process made it a enjoyable session. Her positivity and enthusiasm for what she is doing made the session more fun then I anticipated. I felt lighter and more open upon completion and would happily see her again.

Glenn Springsteen

The energy meditation with Stephanie was an incredible journey. I felt so peaceful and it was amazingly visual for me. Afterward I felt very relaxed and just allowed myself to enjoy that. The next few days my thoughts were more clear, everyday things seemed easier and smoother to accomplish. I’m looking forward to working with Stephanie again!

Lori V.M.
I have known Stephanie Danylko for over 5 years now and we have become very close friends, but inspite of our friendship she has helped me in so many ways to become a better person and has healed me several times physically. You see I suffered a brain injury quite some time ago and I am also an alcoholic and have been all my life and when you combine the two I am not an easy person to cope with. Stephanie has changed the way I think and feel about life and many times I have hurt myself while drinking and when she introduced to me to healing with crystals I was very skeptical and actually thought it was jibberish, man was I wrong. Once she taught me how to open my mind her crystals worked amazing on me. I had some kind of gross rash on my left hand and the doctor prescribed steroid cream for it, my hand was swollen and in pain and the ointment seemed to make it worse. I let Stephanie try her crystal work and almost immediately after the pain was gone and within a few days the swelling and rash decreased by 70% it was amazing no longer was I a skeptic. Another time I was drunk and wiped out and I thought I broke my neck and every time I turned there were clicks in it, after a few sessions with Stephanie the pain and the clicking was gone.
This is not just about crystal work, I have made a lot of mistakes and she has never judged me and has always been there for me, why i’m not sure but that is just the loving and caring person she is. Since I’v known her I have become a much better person because of Stephanie she has helped me realize that life is precious.
The world is a better place because of loving, caring and helpful people like her and anybody that is lucky enough to spend time with her knows this, I love her with all my heart she is an amazing, wonderful person and I am so proud to be a part of her life.
Darryl Shmanka